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The Allen Family

The Allen family were involved in an alarming fire in 1896 on Egremont Street.



Henry Allen (above), who was rescued from the great fire of the 1890s, lived for virtually the whole of the 19th Century, and by the time of his death owned several properties in the area around The Cock and The Angel.



A family of weaving and silk work

Ben Oakley has been sharing some information regarding the Oakley family who lived in Glemsford since at least 1624. Ben has links to Farrance, Humm, Hartley and Theobold in his family tree. Members of the family lived in Old Chequers as well as many other houses around the village.


If you would like to get in touch with Ben you can visit his website here or send an email If you have links to the Oakley family and would like to share information.

Find out more about the Brown family of Glemsford.

Information regarding the Pearmans.

Sid Watkinson discusses

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