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Butcher Family

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By Jean Curtis

Having always believed that my family on both sides of my Tree came from London, when I finally took up the challenge of finding out about them, it came as a great surprise to find that my maternal grandfather’s family (the Tindley family) originated from Sudbury, and my maternal grandmother’s family (the Butcher family) from Glemsford! The common thread running through both families is the Weaving and Silk industries, with grandfather and grandmother meeting in Sudbury and then moving to London, where my mother was born.


Great great grandfather was Samuel, who ran a grocer’s shop, the address shown as White Ash. There is also a Samuel Butcher who is shown as a pork butcher and grocer in Egremont Road, although I cannot prove it is the same Samuel however.


Alfred Butcher was my great grandfather: he was a silk weaver and he married a Rebecca Debenham. After his death in 1877, Rebecca married a Joseph Welham.


My grandmother, Annie Elizabeth Butcher, was born in 1873, on the 1881 census living at Woodfield Alley. Her siblings were Albert, Alice, Ellen and Alfred.


Are there any descendants of these Butchers still living in Glemsford who might remember the family? If so, I would love to hear from you.


We have started a little bit of research for this lady, but if anyone feel they can shed some light please send an email to Jean. Some of you may remember ‘Woodfield Alley’ from an earlier newsletter, it was a passageway that ran between ‘Patches’ and ‘Ash House’, Tye Green, and changed names three times over the 1871, 81 census returns and again in the 20th Century. Egremont ‘Road’ I suspect should be ‘Street’ but what about ‘White Ash’?

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