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On these pages you will find information about the events taking place in the coming months including talks, visits, activities and research. For further information please contact us here. Our programme of talks is provided by a variety of local speakers.

2021 - 2022
Ron Murrell: Green Man – a close look at the classic folklore figure

September 9th 2021

Martin Hedges: The Albert Palace at Battersea

October 14th 2021


November 11th 2021

Christmas Social

December 9th 2021

Nick Black: The Battle of Barking Creek (The true story of the fatal friendly fire incident that helped the R.A.F. win the Battle of Britain.)

January 13th 2022

Ashley Cooper: Local Antarctic Associations – Scott’s Polar Expedition 1910 - 1921

Febuary 10th 2022

Celia Graham: Life below Stairs – the true story (Working life at Ickworth in the 1930s)

March 10th 2022

Kate Jewell: Bonfires and Bells ( Rituals and Festivals in the Medieval Suffolk Landscape)

April 21st 2022

Stephen Poulter: Dick Turpin – the Myth and the Man.

May 12th 2022

Summer evening’s visit

June 9th 2022

Summer Social Evening

July 14th 2022