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About Us

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Glemsford Local History Society promotes the history of the village and keeps a resource of all the information gathered. Over the years, this site has been added to by the efforts of many individuals, all contributing to a growing picture of the history of this fascinating village. 

Our Background

The Society has been active for many years now, and is dedicated to the study and distribution of the details of Glemsford's past.


A lot of the information on this website was carried out by Steve Clarke, who has given permission for its continued use. We are greatly indebted to him for his much appreciated input. Without it, this site would not exist.



Our Aims

We aim to encourage the better understanding of the past and present through such activities as lectures, activities, visits and research.


We meet every second Thursday of the month in Glemsford Primary School at 7.30pm. We welcome your continued support and that of others.




Has your family lived here for generations? Maybe you have inherited some old photographs. 


The Society always welcomes new members or stories of the past. If you think you have any interesting anecdotes or facts about Glemsford, why not get in touch. We would love to hear from you.



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