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Below is a list of streets of Glemsford, with photographs and details supplied where possible.

Egremont Street

"My grandmother Hartley lived in one of these cottages. She was widowed at the age of 42 with three young children to support. She earned her living as a silk weaver. She had a silk loom in the large room downstairs at the back and was presumably an out-worker of one of the factories. She had retired by the time I first visited Glemsford so to my regret I never saw the loom."


by Fred Hartley

A newspaper article, transcribed from the "South West Suffolk Echo", published in Haverhill puts an informed guess at a fire being between 1894 and 1896. More info regarding the family involved is in the People section.

Egremont Street
Bells Lane
Bells Lane

This view is of Bells Lane, taken from the corner of Park Lane, very close to the church. All the buildings seen in the picture still exist. The building on the left was owned by Mr Cook of Melford Riot fame. The background has changed a great deal, although the Horsehair factory buildings still exist.

Hunts Hill

Hunts Hill has changed a lot, but much is recognisable. The Draper's shop on the right is now an estate agent. The building on the left is now the Briars Nursing Home. Just beyond it is the site of the Social Club. More of this site is described in A Walk Through Glemsford.

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