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Watkinson Family

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By Sid Watkinson


Earlier this year I received a phone call from the secretary of the GLHS, stating that a Canadian couple had contacted her with a view to doing some research into their family history while on a tour of the UK. Naturally I was intrigued especially when she mentioned that the lady’s maiden name was Watkinson and that her ancestors came from Glemsford!


After an interesting exchange of emails, they paid me a visit after having done some research in the church yard of St Mary’s. It transpired that we were indeed related as we shared a common ancestor, an Ambrose Watkinson, baptised in Glemsford, 1641.


The family line continues until 1736, when another Ambrose Watkinson married twice and the family line divided. A certain George Watkinson emigrated to Canada in the 19th century while my ancestors remained in Glemsford and the UK. Anyway the outcome was that we worked it out that we were fourth cousins, once removed!


One more interesting fact that came out was that the surname Watkinson, was the fourth most common name in Glemsford at one time in the middle ages and now approximately 500 years later, and as far as I know, I am the only one left!

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