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For well over 100 years, children in Glemsford have been making their way to the village school. Despite many alterations, inside and out, the building is easy to recognise as the three schools which were built as a result of the Education Act of 1870: Infants, Boys and Girls. The story of education which has developed on Lion Road since the 1870s allows many insights into life in the village, for the school has been a focal point for generations of villagers.

Articles about Glemsford School

Some personal accounts, documents and facts about the Schools in Glemsford, originally compiled and wrtitten by Steve Clarke.

Blazes blowing a yard

Heating the School


In the 1890s


Voices from the past

The Infants' School

Tough conditions


The Schoolmistress

Undervalued teachers

Staffing the School

During the 1800s

School and Health

19th century


and other interruptions

Eleanor Bowrey

In search of a schoolmistress

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