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The War Memorial

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This page correlates the names of the men on Glemsford's War Memorial with the real people listed in the Census documents of 1901. Inevitably, there are some people who remain invisible, and a few who have disappeared. As before it is based on Martin Edwards' immense work on the War Memorial names which has made it possible to peer through the mist and catch a glimpse of the men who gave everything.

It is intended as a matter of pride, and as a compliment, that Glemsford should be called “an ordinary village inhabited by ordinary people". There will still be some inconsistencies and a few confusions - some names are quite common.

George Bradenham

Henry Charles Brewster

Walter Brewster

George Brown

Ernest Brown

George Clarke Chatters W

William George Clarke

Eaton Cross

William Debenham

Cyril Game

Dennis Golding

Lambert Goody

Albert Hartley

Eliazer Hartley

George Honeywood

Walter Jarmin

Lambert Jarmyn

Edwin Keefe

Harry Lorkings

Harry Mizon

Frederick Oakley

Ben Oakley

Edwin Piper

Wallace Playle

Samuel George Smith

Ambrose Suttle

Albert Twinn

Arthur C and Wallace W Twinn



The rest of this page comprises men whose details have emerged from the 1911 Census but for whom there are no details in 1901.



ALBRIGHT, Frederick Arthur

BROWN, Arthur


JOSSLYN, William W J

SLATER, William

SPARHAM, William


The rest are men whose names, for one reason or another, do not appear on the War Memorial, but who were born or

resident in Glemsford.



ARBON, Alfred I

CLARKE, Arthur

COPSEY, Christopher Simon

CUTMORE, William

FILBY, George William

GAME, Jasper


HARDY, Charles

MIZON, Walter

OAKDEN, William

PLUMB, William


SMITH Victor Albert

TERRY, Archie Louis



TWINN, Reginald Charles

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